I Am Branded

Trekking on in the desert, under scarcity, under scrutiny, and under the onslaught of the heat.

I have been branded.

To you it seems I’m defeated, receded, or somehow pitiful.  Maybe sad.  The scars on my earth tell you so.

But you can keep your pity (poison), and your little ditty about the life I never had or should have had.   Even could have had.

I am branded, Not Broken.

I live fully with each step, and every breath.  This journey is mine alone, mine to claim, and only Mine to reign.

Yes, I seem branded.

I have been reprimanded, and you have demanded my cooperation for your cruel and guileless infatuation.

But I climb.      And I keep climbing.     And one day you will see that I cling, free to be the one Great Deed my earth will ever see.


© Krystal Matocha


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