The Last Leg Of Grand Falls

Last weekend my man and I went on an afternoon trip to Grand Falls, which is located on Navajo Nation.  The Falls are formed from snow melt and monsoon rains that travel a path heading into the Little Colorado River.  The water cascades over sandstone into a beautiful canyon that is sandstone on one side of the river, and volcanic rock on the other.

The volcanic rocks are hard and sharp, making them difficult to climb without proper footwear.  There were some older folks and women toting babies who turned back because the trail down was too rough for them.  It was a little hard to find, but once we made it down into the canyon it was well worth it.  We climbed up some of the rocks to get a closer look at the waterfalls and dip our feet into the pools before they rushed over the edge into the canyon below.

I’ve decided waterfalls are pure magic, stealing all your worry and pain into the waters crashing below.  I felt 10 pounds lighter on our hike home.  ~

Rush Of Melted Snow
First View Before The Rush

Waterfalls Of Northern Arizona

Little Colorado River
Little Colorado River
Volcanic Rock
One Side Of The Canyon Is Volcanic Rock
Grand Falls Waterfall
The Other Side Of The Canyon Is Sandstone
Waterfall Pool
Edge Of The Falls


Rushing Waterfall
A Closer Look
Grand Falls Canyon
Imagine Having A Place Like This To Yourself. By The End Of Our Day, We Did.


Arizona Waterfalls

Water Carving Sandstone Waterfall Pool & Sky

Little Colorado River Canyon Path
The Last View

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